Not merely a bunch of pretty faces - this is more than "just a job" for us. We're in this because we're passionate about cannabis and we want to share that passion with you!



Heather has been a part of the Green Health team for two years. Her journey in the cannabis industry began six years ago when she started trimming on a bountiful Southern Oregon farm. Heather comes from a family of growers and has a deep and profound respect for the art of cultivating cannabis and has witnessed it’s curative effects firsthand. Heather’s passion for the industry stems from a deep sense of empathy for the misinformed masses which resulted from the prohibition era. She seeks to spread knowledge, break stigmas, and connect with the public on a deeper level to promote compassionate understanding of the plant . If she’s not running around the little green house you can find her in a yoga class, at the movie theater, or at home on the couch with her cat and a good book. 



On a brisk November evening in 1988, a secret government-funded coalition convened at an undisclosed summit base somewhere in the Rockies. Comprised of scientists, government officials (and some say extraterrestrial ambassadors), this coalition came together for the sole purpose of creating the perfect weed smoking soldier. Using advanced DNA sequencing technology, attributes like lung capacity, terpene detection and munchie preparation skills were heightened beyond levels achievable without the aide of science. With the help of a surrogate mother recruited from rural Kansas, 9 months later Trent Tradley was born. Once of legal adult age, the young soldier's skills were further honed through years of Jason Bourne-like training and synthetic supplementation in a mission later known as "Operation Lotus". In early 2017, Tradley managed to remove his GPS monitor and went AWOL from Operation Lotus, and is now assumed to be posing as a budtender in the Pacific Northwest under an unknown (but likely unoriginal) alias.



Jamie is a passionate cannabis advocate and loves working in the industry. She graduated from the University of Washington in 2014, and shortly after moved from Tacoma, Washington to Eugene to work on a medical cannabis farm. After trimming for a short time, she was hired at a dispensary in early 2015. On October 1st 2015 she was one of the budtenders selling recreational cannabis at midnight on the first day of legalization! She loves being involved with the Eugene community, besides budtending she has also worked at a non-profit cat rescue, and a large nursery in Coburg selling many native and exotic plants. In 2016 she received her Permaculture Design Certification from Lost Valley in Dexter Oregon, and loves learning more about sustainable living. If Jamie isn’t working with cannabis, she is most likely hanging with her many houseplants, gardening or adventuring to somewhere in the PNW. With a passion for plants and anything green, Jamie loves to find what’s unique about each strain and leans towards anything with limonene terpenes. After being in the industry a few years, she enjoys helping new users discover the many therapeutic uses of cannabis.